Almost from the moment I felt the call to go to Africa to climb Kilimanjaro, I also knew that He wanted me to write about the experience and the years-long road I took to get to the mountain. I began writing just days after returning from Africa, and over the many months it took to write it, God revealed many things to me. You will learn about those things throughout the book, but for now, I want you to know the “why” of how the book came to be. During the writing process, God whittled down my expectations to what truly matters. I want you to know that it was all worth it if the book helps just one person: the effort, the struggle, the times when words flowed freely and the times when they wouldn’t come; being uncomfortable with sharing personal details but knowing God wanted me to be unabashedly truthful, and; the investment of money, time, and my heart. It was worth it if it helps you draw closer to Him.

This book is my story of how God’s Glory, Grace, Mercy, Compassion, Blessings, and Strength through Jesus Christ changed my life. My hope is that whatever struggles you face or the obstacles in your path, the story that God gave me--the story told in the pages of this book--will lift you up and show you what God can do in your life.

 I sincerely hope you enjoy reading Push the Rock.


Dear Reader,

I’d like to share with you why I wrote the book. I wrote it for you. Just you; as if you are the only person who will ever read it. You are that important to me because God put it on my heart. Of course, I think any writer has dreams of their book becoming a major success: selling millions of copies, eventually turning the book into a movie script and selling the movie rights, wondering who will play the characters in the movie, etc. I jest … for the most part.

Author of Push the Rock: Second Chances on the Road to Kilimanjaro